I love the web

I have been building web applications that bridge the gap between your message and your audience since 1998. Let me help you extend your reach and engage your audience. 

Responsive Design

Theming and web development would mean very little without following proper design principles. As artists we have to comply with certain rules, but rules were made to be broken.

Solid Coding

Every single module that a top notch engineer writes should be thoroughly checked for quality, security and performance. Best practices include running code sniffers on every module we write.

À la carte 

With our preset bundle of modules and tools you get to pick and choose just what you need for your website, resulting in greater choice at lower cost. Mix and match for a perfeclty well crafted web application.


Drupal is an open source web building tool that allows you to manage the content on your website with great ease. I will let Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire tell you a bit more about what Drupal is, how much it costs and what you can do with it.

Why hire me for your next project?

I have been bulding websites since 1998 (yeah, I know)
I am Acquia Drupal Certified Developer which means I know how to build your site, with custom features and third party integrations while optimizing its performance all of this using Drupal.
I am also a
 Zend PHP 5 Certified Enginer which means I could also build your site using straight PHP, with Object Oriented Programming and the bleeding edge technologies currently available.
I started as a web designer and web master while I got professional training and got my degree in Computer Sciences and Engineering. This means I build things and make them pretty too.


Latest Blog Posts

How to Create a Custom Block that Embeds Nodes in Drupal 8
22 Sep

This is a journey of epic proportions, not suited for the faint of heart.

Git Logo
08 Apr

If you work on web projects day in and day out, you might want to make sure pesky cruft files don't get accidentally commited when you push code up

Using SSH Agent With Mac OS X
14 Oct

SSH agent allows a user to enter their passphrase(s) for unlocking various SSH keys once at the start of a session to unlock the keys and from then on for the duration of the session the user no longer has to enter the pass phrase(s).

Drupal Latin America

Rob Montero is a proud sponsor and mentor of young Drupal talent of the Costa Rican Drupal Users Group and entrepreneur at Drupal Latin America


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